With so many incredible photos from people’s Fall adventures last year, and the larch window being an unpredictable one, we will be doing a virtual Golden 6 Hour Run in 2021! We will have updates starting the beginning of June.

Walla Trails & Community is not going to let COVID-19 spoil our Fall fun! While The Golden 6 Hour event on Blewett Pass is cancelled, we plan to be on the trails surrounded by Fall foliage until the leaves give way to winter. We love the idea of giving people a chance to showcase their Fall running while collecting food for their local food bank!

The What

Do one run/hike for up to 6 hours anytime between September 26th-October 18th in your favorite Fall area. Make sure to bring your camera or phone to snap some Fall photos! Along with the Fall fun, we’d love for you to support your local food bank. Food banks need help more than ever so even a few are items is great.


Registration is $25 and is open September 16 through Ultrasignup. Registration will remain open through October 18th, the last day to submit a run. Live leaderboard results will be conducted through September 26-18th by Pacific Multisports. Everyone will receive a Walla Trails & Community special fall edition coaster by Paul Clement/Elastic Laser. The design is by Lariat Creative who designed the original Walla Trails & Community logo. There’s also a fall-themed treat for everyone – a packet of Trailbutter’s Maple Syrup & Sea Salt!


Registered runners: click here to upload your results and check out the leaderboard!


Territory Run Co. zip-up hoodies with the Fall Lariat Creative design will be award to:

  • Most miles in 6 hours for a female runner 
  • Most miles in 6 hours for a male runner 
  • Best larch tree capture (for those who can make it out to the mountains)
  • Best fall theme scene photo (for those who have to keep it to local trails and streets)
  • Most food collected for runner’s local food bank (Name of food bank, # of non-perishable food items, and photo of the food collected before donated is required).

Trail Butter

We are excited to give everyone a little taste of what Trail Butter has to offer! Trail Butter is a “a blended trail mix or a spreadable bar, one thing is certain…This calorie-dense, high fat, high protein, real-food energy nut butter fuels the long haul. BE TRAIL READY!” It’s one of our go-to snacks on the trail and it’s not atypical to finish a jar in a few days. Check out all the details and flavors here: https://www.trailbutter.com/pages/whats-trail-butter

Q&A // Rules

How do you track results? You will need to figure out a way to document your run via Garmin, Strava, or a tracking system that allows you to upload a link of your run to the Pacific Multisports results page (the link and instructions will be in a pre-run email). Your route will then be ranked by distance. Everyone will also need to submit one fall photo from your route. If you are only interested in trying to win most miles, you still need to submit a photo of your route so bring your phone. It does not need to be a pro shot, just something to let us know you didn’t hit an indoor track. 🙂 Yes, results will be uploaded onto Ultrasignup.

Is there a minimum amount of running/hiking? What if I want to run over 6 hours? A run/hike between 30 minutes and 6 hours will be accepted for results and the photo contests.

What if I am going for most miles but the route hardly has any fall colors? Does that count? Your route doesn’t have to have epic fall colors the entire way. Just make sure there’s a little fall along the way so you can capture a photo of it to submit along with your results. Enjoy a little autumn on your speedy run!

What if I don’t want to be in the results but want to enter the photo contest? How do I upload my photo? We will still need a link to your run (so we know it’s a recent photo!), but it will not be uploaded into the results. When you upload your link, there will be a spot for you to upload your favorite photo.

Can I submit both a fall photo and a larch photo? What’s the difference? Yes, if your run consists of larches and epic fall scenes without larches, you can submit one photo to each category; however, you will only have a chance to win one category. Larch trees are typically found in the mountains. Some popular spots are in the Enchantments and off Highway 20 near Washington Pass. Here’s a link about larches and why they turn yellow in the fall: https://www.fs.usda.gov/rmrs/why-do-larches-turn-yellow

I don’t live in Washington or near larches. Can I still register and participate? YES! Submit your favorite capture from your run for the best fall themed photo. FYI – I am a sucker for covered bridges in the fall.

Can I run with more than one person? Yes, as of now based on the WA Phases of Reopening. If you are on a busy trail (aka – Maple Loop Pass on a Saturday), please be mindful of other trail users and wear a mask or buff.

What if I going for the most miles with a friend? Do we both get a hoodie? No, you’ll either have to rock, paper, & scissors who submits their link, sprint past your running buddy at 5 hours and 59 minutes, or co-share the hoodie. We highly recommend the co-sharing with plenty washing in-between. 🙂 In all seriousness, we can’t award multiple hoodies for the same mileage/route.

RULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE – As we know in this unprecedented time, things can change day by day. We will communicate any updates or changes based on recommendations by our State’s government.

One Run/Submission Per Person – IMPORTANT – make sure your watch, phone, or tracking system records your run. It is based on time, not your moving time. It is okay if you have to submit more than one link. Pacific Multisports will work with what you submit to them.

Questions? Email Gretchen at wallatrails@gmail.com