UPDATE June 2022: We will not be holding a Teanaway Country 100 Preview Weekend in 2022 but are more than happy to answer questions or give tips about our experience with this incredible race – wallatrails@gmail.com // NEW in 2022 – A beautiful and challenging 50k has been added! Check out “Teeny-Way” 50k page for more details.

In 2017, Brian Morrison told me he was considering putting on a race in the mountains surrounding the Teanaway Valley. Both of us have history with this area which made me excited the minute I heard about it because the trails are rugged, remote, and absolutely beautiful. I signed up and finished the inaugural year and came back in 2019 and loved it. Both Brian and I are excited to share these trails with others so come spend a weekend at the best home base near the Teanaway trails, Flying Horseshoe Ranch. Whether you are signed up for Teanaway Country 100, curious to see more before taking the 100 mile plunge, or just want to enjoy the Teanaway trails with like-minded people, consider joining us!

Completing my first climb the inaugural year, 2018. Photo by Takao Suzuki


Registration will open early 2022. Space is limited to 15 participants, and a minimum of 8 participants. This year we are allowing campers to choose their lodging options and will be responsible for meals expect for Saturday night’s dinner. This means the cost of the camp will be minimal – think a fatass style weekend camp!

Photo by Taryn Graham


Participants should plan on a 6-8 hour day on the Teanaway Country 100 course Saturday, and 3-4 hour day Sunday morning. We will break up into 3 groups based on participants’ preference and pace. Each group will have a lead and caboose, and routes will be light course marked to ensure everyone returns safely. Routes will be posted several weeks leading up to the weekend.

On a training run with friends, 2019

Flying Horseshoe Ranch – directions & lodging

Check-in, parking, & lodging is located at Flying Horseshoe Ranch. There is not a more well run or well kept guest ranch in Washington than Flying Horseshoe Ranch. From the FHR website:

Flying Horseshoe Ranch is an easy 90 minute drive from the Greater Seattle area on I-90.
Take exit 85 just past Cle Elum, and continue east approximately four miles on Highway 970.
Look for the Ranch sign on the left.

Or, using GPS, turn left on Red Bridge Road at approximately 3 miles. Your GPS might still say Masterson Road, but you will see the new Red Bridge Road county sign to the left.

Flying Horseshoe Ranch
The Blackburn Family
3190 Red Bridge Road
Cle Elum, WA 98922
Tel: (509) 674-2366

Photo: Nick Danielson

Schedule (tentative for 2021)


  • 5:00-7:00pm – check-in
  • 7:00pm – Weekend welcome and briefing by Brian and Gretchen


  • 7:30am – depart from FHR to trailhead
  • 8:30am – arrive at trailhead and prep for run
  • 9:00am – hit the trails!
  • 4:00ishpm – happy hour/snacks at cars
  • 6:00pm – arrive at FHR
  • 7:00pm – dinner and recap of the day (with a beer or beverage of choice, of course)


  • 5:30am – depart from FHR to trailhead
  • 6:30am – arrive at trailhead and prep for run
  • 7:00am – hit the trails!
  • 12:00ishpm – happy hour/snacks at cars
  • 1:30pm – arrive at FHR to pack
  • 2:30pm – optional lunch in Roslyn

Q&A // Rules

  • Do you have to register for Teanaway Country 100 to attend? No, we will let the trails speak for themselves and if they speak loud enough to sign-up, awesome! If it’s not your jam, that’s cool too.
  • Are meals included? UPDATE: No. We want to accommodate people’s budget and comfort. However, we will be providing pizza Saturday night after a long day in the mountains! There are refrigerators to store food and a kitchen to heat up meals.
  • Is lodging included? UPDATE: No. We want to accommodate people’s budget and comfort. Campers arrange their lodging with Flying Horseshoe Ranch. Car and tent camping are available along with various cabin options.
  • Am I responsible for driving to the trailheads? No, we plan on coming up with transportation to the trailheads to and from FHR. UPDATE – This is TBD. Stay tuned.
  • Do I have to run Sunday morning? No, if you are too pooped from the day before or overindulged in Saturday’s post-run meal and beverages, we won’t give you a hard time. Make the weekend what you want.
  • Are there showers? Yes. Nice ones, too.
  • Are there refunds? If the camp is cancelled, you will have the option for to rollover your registration or 75% refund.
  • Can I rollover my registration for the next year? Yes.